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    How to deal with English practising problems?

    Katie Tang
    Chief of Umbrella Group
    Chief of Umbrella Group

    Tổng số bài gửi : 33
    Join date : 18/09/2009
    Age : 28
    Đến từ : TPHCM

    default How to deal with English practising problems?

    Bài gửi  Katie Tang on Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:41 pm

    Nowadays, English is so important in our life. If you're good at English, you can do whatever you want such as having a good job, travelling around the world, making a lot of international relationships, etc.
    The most important thing when learning some language is communicating skills (we often call them speaking and listening). In Vietnam, we don't have chance to practise E regularly. The English Study Program just focuses on grammar and reading. I don't say that it isn't good, because it makes you pass all the exam in school. But it's not enough, what you need is speaking fluently and listening well.
    After graduating from highschool, a lot of us become English Grammar Experts (maybe much better than an American Laughing), but no one can say "I can" confidently if a foreigner need your help. That's so worrisome, doesn't it?
    There is a simple way to solve this problem ( no need to spend a lot of money Very Happy): practise E whenever you are, wherever you go. Talking with your friends in English everyday about life, hobbies, something happened in your day, or your feelings about someone cute... is great fun. It's not complicated because you can use easy words, contracted grammar structure... Don't be afraid if you have some mistake. You should know that nobody's perfect. When you say sth wrong, your friends show you, and the next time, you will get better and better. Furthermore, you should make friends and talk about everything with your buddies all around the world. The Internet will help you do this without any difficulty.
    Finally, you have to learn new words day by day. It makes your conversations more interesting and enrich your vocabulary.
    Thanks so much for your attention. Please let me know if you can join English Speaking Club with Umbrella. Wish you all happy!!!
    Katie Tang

      Hôm nay: Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:46 pm